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Easy and fun wall art.

15 Apr

I needed some art for my sons nursery. When my husband and I bought our home 2 years ago I found this huge canvas in the attic. I knew one day it would turn into a treasure. I had my husband drag it down when I found out we would be turning our guest room into a boys nursery.

The canvas had an awful painting of a horse head. I didn’t think to take pictures, shame on me.
I painted the canvas, antiqued it up a bit:


I ordered a digital graphics cd of vintage circus prints off of eBay and printed some of my favorite prints onto transfer paper:



I then modge-podged the heck out of the whole thing and placed my pictures I ironed onto canvas type fabric I had laying around the house. I tea stained the fabric as well to give it that old look. And ta-daaaa! Art! I get so many wows and yay’s when people come over and “tour” our home.