>2 at the zoo

22 Mar

>On top of making my growth sticks Im lucky enough to be a stay home mom. Thankfully I have energy that lasts for days and I manage to constantly come up with fun events, crafts and projects.

My sweet daughter turned two at the zoo and being the mom who goes all out at any chance to plan an event, she got all I could possibly give to make this day perfect!

I made this adorable cupcake stand and all of the goodies!
We had Aligator, camel and pink flamingo cupcakes.
Birds nest (chow mien noodles covered in butterscotch with blue jelly beans for eggs)
bear food (gold fish), elephant food (nutter butters) and Zebra food (shoe string potatoes).
I also made the birthday girls hat out of foam, flet and feathers.
Each guest received their “official safari guide” bags upon arrival. Each bag had a pair of animal sunglasses, animal hat, “passport”(I will get back to this), crayon pack (of 4 crayons) and each girl had a lepoard print and feather bow.
The passport was a great little book I made for each child. It had their passport picture. Each page had a riddle, example: I eat bananas and swing from limb to limb, the jungle is my gym. I am a…
Each animal was guessed and we would go around the zoo looking for that animal and receive a stamp in the passport! I also saved paper towel rolls for MONTHS so that i could cut them in half, paint black, glue together and add a string for the best party favor ever…BINOCULARS! My husband made fun and thought the older kids would think the were “lame”, it was the older kids who had the most fun with them! (by older I mean 4-6 year olds). So much fun! <


















3 Responses to “>2 at the zoo”

  1. Linda March 23, 2011 at 3:41 am #

    >OH MY WORD! What a FANTASTIC party! I love it!

  2. Before Your Eyes Boutique March 23, 2011 at 3:57 am #

    >Linda, Thank you SO! SO! SO! Much! It was as much fun preparing the party as it was seeing the kids enjoy the party! I've never heard so many "ooo's and ahhh's" and that was just from the grown ups! Also, you're my first comment on my blog, so I am extra excited! Thank you again! I am hosting a baby shower in 2 weeks. Check back for more fun photos! XO's!Heather

  3. Carmen Wilson March 29, 2011 at 3:58 am #

    >Cute, cute, cute! Just forwarded this to my daughter!

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